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ARC iron padlock Internal structure classification
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Padlock in addition to open the way (straight, ARC iron padlock open, top open, double open) classification, we can also according to the internal structure of the padlock classification, the following are common:

Marbles structure type padlocks such locks using cylindrical ball in the lock cylinder set up obstacles, so that the lock cylinder can not turn to achieve the role of atresia. ARC iron padlock The ball structure is also one of the commonly used structures of locks. A lock of the lock body is folded with metal pieces, ARC iron padlock giving a strong and solid feeling, known as the "Melaleuca lock", but its internal structure is also a marbles structure, ARC iron padlock it is also a marbles structure type padlock.

Leaf structure padlocks such locks using the shape of the sheet metal from the obstacles, ARC iron padlock play the purpose of locking, zinc alloy or its word alloy locks often used in such structures.

Magnetic structure padlock based on the principle of magnetic repulsion, the use of a magnetic cylinder system, between the lock slot and the insurance pin is equipped with a key with the same magnetic plate metal plate, the key and the insurance pin is not in direct contact, ARC iron padlock when no When the groove magnetic key is smoothly inserted into the lock cylinder, the key touches the metal partition, resulting in a strong repulsive force, which opens the lock easily. In addition, the use of the principle of magnetic adsorption, the metal plate to tighten, rely on the spring to open the lock.

The general padlock has a lock heart, ARC iron padlock lock the heart in addition to plug the hole outside the hole, there are a few round hole, which several holes and lock on the circle of a few corresponding, which can put a spring and 2 Highly different copper marbles. After the key is inserted, the two marbles are given different heights because of the different height of the teeth. If the boundaries of the two marbles in all the holes are equal to the circumference of the center of the lock, The lock body turned, ARC iron padlock so the lock was opened. This is the general padlock works.

If the key paddle out, you can buy a universal key, universal key can open a variety of padlocks. Here also share friends to provide a few small ways:

1, take a tough tough metal wire (key ring on the good), ARC iron padlock a small part of the bend into about 135 ° angle, reached the deepest keyhole turn (need to practice, a little bit difficult)

2, the lock lock method: a metal sheet plus a thin metal wire, ARC iron padlock metal pieces like the kind of pen on the pen, one end of 90 ° folding, ARC iron padlock tripping keyhole for rotating force, wire in the keyhole Inside the ball near the back and forth sweep, good luck to open.