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Brass Padlock Special treatment
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Security padlock because of the function with a padlock can be equipped with a number of keys, Brass Padlock these keys because the padlock function and authority is not the same, so divided into a variety of these keys constitute a safe padlock key management system:

Do not open the key series: each security padlock has only the key, Brass Padlock between the lock and the lock can not be separated from each other;

Open the key series: the development of the group between the security padlock and security padlocks can be open to each other, any one or a few keys to open all the padlock within the group. Brass Padlock Can be specified in multiple groups, groups and groups can not be open between each other;

Not only the same universal key series: the designated group of each security padlock dominate the only key, security padlock and security padlock can not be separated from each other, Brass Padlock but there is a universal key to open all the security padlock within the group; Group between the master key can not open each other, but can be assigned a higher level Explorer key open all within the group padlock;

With the universal key series: group within the same group after opening the key series, if you want to specify a high level of executives open all groups, can increase the same with the universal key.

Safe padlock shape and the general civilian padlock almost, Brass Padlock but the security padlock and the general civilian padlock there are many different.

Safe padlocks are generally ABS plastic, Brass Padlock and civilian padlocks are generally metal;

Safe padlock of the primary intention is to use the warning and not anti-theft effect, the general intention of the civil padlock is to prevent theft;

Safe padlock lock beam can not automatically bounce, Brass Padlock with a key function, and the general civilian padlock is just the opposite;

General civil padlock is generally a lock with a key, and the safety padlock general padlock can be equipped with more keys, divided into the lock and general lock;

Safety padlocks are often exposed to acid-base environment, Brass Padlock the need for special treatment, and the general civilian padlock is generally not necessary

The general padlock has a lock heart, lock the heart in addition to plug the hole outside the hole, but also padlocks have several round holes, Brass Padlock which several holes and the lock on the circle of a few corresponding, which can put a spring and 2 A different height of copper marbles. After the key is inserted, Brass Padlock the two marbles are given different heights because of the different height of the teeth. If the boundaries of the two marbles in all the holes are equal to the circumference of the center of the lock, The lock body turned, so the lock was opened.