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Brief introduction of the padlock
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Brief introduction of the padlock

The padlock is almost one of the oldest and the biggest family in the lock world. You can say that most other type lock is deriving from the padlock. There is round or straight metal bar in the padlock body, which is called the shackle, which has the padlock locked by the shackle and the lock body.


From the appearance of the padlock to now, many different types of lock have been derived out. Let’s see how many different types of padlocks there are.


Padlock if a type of anti-theft-lock that have different models and specifications like C model, E model, SBE model and G model. MUL-T-LOCK will have the function of drilling resistant, prying-resistant, master key resistant, tamper-proof and anti-twisting. E, SBE, and C type model also have the function of anti-water and anti-freezing. E and G type padlock can provide the function of anti-break of the cover. C type padlock can provide the latch hook cover for the padlock, which increases the safety and anti-theft function more.


The interaction construction of the global patent has removable beads on the key, interact with the pins inside the cylinder, is the invincible opponent of the technical opening of the padlock and is the highest level of the anti-theft mechanical padlock.


E, SBE, and C type padlock body are made of super hard alloy steel. The hardness of the cover is about 56 degree. G type padlock is made of zinc alloy. All padlock shackles are made of boron or manganese alloy, which can bear 2250-10200 kilograms power of cut and 1530 to 10200 kilograms power pulling. It is suitable for use in instrument and equipment, pipeline, bank, escape door, prison, stores, malls, offices, liquefied petroleum gas road tankers, tool cabinet and highly secured places.