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Camel Type Iron Padlock How to repair
- Aug 21, 2017 -

After the key is inserted, Camel Type Iron Padlock the two marbles are given different heights because of the different height of the teeth. If the boundaries of the two marbles in all the holes are equal to the circumference of the center of the lock, In the lock body in the rotation, Camel Type Iron Padlock so the lock opened. This is the general padlock works. If the key of the padlock is lost, here are a few small ways to share.

1, take a tough tough metal wire (key ring on the good), a small part of the bend into about 135 ° angle, reaching the keyhole to the deepest turn (need to practice, a little bit difficult).

2, a metal sheet plus a thin metal wire, Camel Type Iron Padlock metal pieces like the kind of pen on the pen, one end of 90 ° folding, tripping keyhole for the rotation force, wire in the keyhole near the ball back and forth sweep Move, good luck to open.

Padlock is a common lock in life, we all know that with a long padlock because of the padlock lock cylinder aging and lead to a little bit difficult, Camel Type Iron Padlock at this time a lot of people will be inside the refueling, so that the lock cylinder to be lubricated, so padlock difficult to open The problem will be solved. But some people encountered such a problem, to the padlock refueling, Camel Type Iron Padlock not only can not let the padlocks become better open, but also lead to padlock can not open, which is why? 

The reason may be out of the oil, may be added to the larger viscosity of the oil, Camel Type Iron Padlock such as: vegetable oil, oil, etc., in case of low temperature or sticky dust, Camel Type Iron Padlock increased oil viscosity, the key into the lock body, the key Into the lock body of the ball was stuck, Camel Type Iron Padlock spring spring spring is too small no top of the ball, the lock cylinder of course turn. Open the way:

1, insert the key after the ball hole side up a few times may be tapped.

2, with hot water lock body, Camel Type Iron Padlock so that condensate condensate.

3, to the padlock keyhole pouring gasoline, the opening of the oil.