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Different common types of padlock used in our life
- Dec 15, 2017 -


Different common types of padlock used in our life

What types of padlocks use the most in people’s lives? Let’s see following.

First, the AB padlock, which is also called the A-level padlock. This type padlock used most common in our daily life in the anti-theft door. According to the key, we can see that the grain is the same on both sides and this type is in the lowest level of security. Normally, we can open it by the silver paper, simply and easily.

Second, the moon shape padlock, which is in B level and can prevent open by the silver paper. But it is still easy to be forced open by about 50-60 kilograms power. And this kind of padlock can open in 1 minute as well by some people without broken the padlock.


Third, half round cambered padlock, which is also in B level. It has 3 side pins on the cylinder. This kind of padlock is also preventing the silver paper to open it.


The last one is the over B level padlock. Actually, there is no padlock is over level B standard. All the padlocks, which have marks of “over B level” in the market, are just a mark by the factory but not real high quality. There are two kinds of keys for the padlocks marked over B level. One kind of padlock is a key that seems complicated. There are two troughs on each side of the key, but one of the troughs is wash trough, which is called fake trough. It is narrow. This kind padlock’s security level is higher. But this padlock is also brass pin cylinder and can be open by master padlock workers easily. Another type has a full trough on both sides of the key, which looks very simple. However, this type padlock has a cylinder with vanes and steel, which has high security. It can prevent forced opening of the padlock. If you don’t double lock, it will be easily open by card easily as well.