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Grey Iron Padlock The internal structure
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Unlock lovers are generally reluctant to use those pins, Grey Iron Padlock security pins or paper clips to unlock, they feel very awkward to use up. Grey Iron Padlock This is the truth, compared to those professional unlockers, these tools require great patience and a lot of experience.

In the use of the unlock before the smooth, which will make you more with less.

You can not see the internal structure of the lock, Grey Iron Padlock so take full advantage of your other senses, hearing and touch can often tell you the situation in the lock. Be patient and coherent, listen to the "click" sound and feel the resistance in the lock, master these, you unlock as if you can see what kind of lock inside.

Unlocking is called a "hit" or "wash" technology, Grey Iron Padlock is a more convenient way. When unlocking with this method, insert the unlocking device (preferably a specially made bucket or a corrugated paper clip) into the cylinder and insert it in the end. Do not apply torque until the end. Grey Iron Padlock And then fierce out of the hit, and quickly hit up and torque wrench with a torque wrench, in theory, you hit the button once or twice to open the lock, but the case of some less open lock, you hit after the possible Only part of the ball was top up, Grey Iron Padlock and the rest have to use the above methods to teach each break.

Now unlocking them into an increasingly popular hobby among those who like puzzles. Grey Iron Padlock If you also want to join this column, it is best to start from the simplest, cheapest lock, or to open the lock that only the last ball. The kind of old lock can also play, online or antique shop which should have to sell.

The initial arrangement of the ball is not from the front to the back is from the back, Grey Iron Padlock it takes some time to clear it. Although most are from the forward direction, but there are exceptions.

Torque wrench is the key to unlock success. You need to change the size of the torque from time to time to the top of the ball and keep it no longer fall back.

The top of the ball when the force is not too much, Grey Iron Padlock as long as just to offset the spring of the elastic friction to bounce it. Excessive force may be the bottom of the box hard card in the lock between the core and the shell.

In addition to the box lock, there are other types of locks, Grey Iron Padlock such as mortise lock, tubular lock and the like, but also can open, but the process is not the same.

Torque wrenches: Many common objects can be used as a torque wrench. Grey Iron Padlock As long as they are strong enough to give the cylinder force, while the size is fine enough to reach the bottom of the keyhole as the end, it is necessary to control the degree, the kind of special fine directly from the keyhole in the end of the stretch to the end of no use Toughen the time it will interfere with the unlocking work in the keyhole. You can put a small trumpet of the general wrench to the small to act as a torque wrench, Grey Iron Padlock or directly with the kind of fine head of the word screwdriver into.

Unlocker: You can use a safety pin or paper clip to act as an unlocker. When using a paperclip, flatten it first, then bend it at a distance of about 90 ° Grey Iron Padlock with a pointed nose pliers, or directly into a small ring. Be sure to use strong and hard material to do the unlock, or not energetic son of your lock on the first bend. It is best to use a hacksaw cut into a lock. The kind of small black hairpin is also very good, as long as the above things are clean to the excess, and then folded into a suitable angle, Grey Iron Padlock then one end bent 90 ° on the line.