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How to open padlock without keys
- Nov 17, 2017 -


How to open padlock without keys?

                       _______How many ways we can do to open the padlock?


Padlock is one of the most common type locks in our daily life. If we lost the key for the padlock, what we can do to open the padlocks? Now let’s see how many functions we can do to open the padlock.


Padlock is simple and flexible that use very popular in our life. We can use it in many conditions. For instance, while we want to lock the drawer, pencil case and luggage, we can open it conveniently. But what we can do if the key is lost? If we ask the locksmith to open, it will cost much money, so how can we open it by ourselves? Let see some related information about lock and see if we can open it ourselves.


Before practicing of opening the padlock, we should do first is to open the lock and know the construction inside the padlock about the one ahead system so that we can know the theory of opening a padlock better.


I. Method one:

Use an endurance metal wire and a piece of metal like the head of the pen, which is 90 degrees folded. Use the metal wire inside the cylinder, and entangle the piece of metal in the other side of the wire and then turn the metal wire to move the pins to see if you can open the padlock. If you are lucky enough, the padlock will be opened.


II. Method two:

The padlock with pins, you can try to buy a master key for the padlock if your key is lost for the padlock.


It is very hard to open the padlock without its key, so the best is keep your padlock keys in a safety place!!!!!