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Little details about using locks in our normal life
- Nov 13, 2017 -

 We all know that while using the hardware products, there will have some problems appear. One of the most common types is the door lock because we use it every day. Just like the lock is doing sports every day and in a long time, some problems appear. And gradually, we find that most problems of the lock appear is because of lacking the maintenance of the lock.


Let’s look what we should do in maintaining the lock:


First of all, do not use oil to lubricating the lock.

People always use oil to lubricating the lock when it is hard to use the key to open the lock. Put some oil into the lock cylinder makes the lock easy to open in a short time, however, oil is easy to stained dust. As time goes by, more and more dust in the lock and make the lock unable to open. Actually, it will be easy to open the lock if you just put some powder of the pencil lead or some powder of the candle, and use a cue to blow the dust inside the lock then use the key to rotate the cylinder few times.


Secondly, don’t rotate the key very hard to open the lock.


Sometimes, because of the door is very heavy or not very flexible itself, the lock will be hard to open because the door laid itself on the floor. If you use a force too strong to too light, the door will not open. In this situation, you have to check the reason first. If it is because of the door leaf binding is loose, you just need to tighten the screw first. If it is because the shape of the doorframe is change or other problem that can’t be fixed, you have to adjust the lock tongue and make it easier to open the door lock.