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Painted Iron Padlock Defensive skills
- Aug 21, 2017 -

The use of a wide range, with a mechanical keyhole, Painted Iron Padlock low security features, due to violent prying anti-theft door to padlock to spend a lot of manpower and time, easily lead to public attention, many thieves choose relatively shaded pry twist or use the " And other special things through the keyhole on the anti-theft door lock core skills to open, the security level can be imagined how low. How to distinguish between the quality of the cylinder?

Cylinders can be multiplied by the number of ball to identify the number of good or bad, in general, multi-row ball lock is better than a single row of ball lock, Painted Iron Padlock multi-row invisible ball lock is better than the general row of multi-row lock. Now the mechanical lock on the market using the lock cylinder A-class, B-class and ultra-B-level three: A-level lock against the devastating open more than 15 minutes, anti-skills open more than 1 minute; level lock damage to open more than 30 minutes , Painted Iron Padlock Anti-skills open more than 5 minutes; ultra-B-class anti-theft door lock is the biggest feature of anti-skills open time at 240 minutes. Anti-skills open the longer the longer the security of the higher, but because the B-lock price is much higher than the A-level lock, Painted Iron Padlock so the majority of manufacturers on the market are producing A-level lock.

It is understood that the core of the lock is copper, the core will save the material fine, but the quality of the lock may not be guaranteed. As consumers pay more attention to the price, many businesses in the "save material, reduce costs" on the hands and feet. Some small manufacturers cut corners, Painted Iron Padlock the production process does not meet the standards of technology, anti-theft function is extremely poor, and even a key to open a key to open N lock.

1. Always keep the lock body transmission parts of the lubricant, in order to maintain its transmission along the chain lock and extend the service life. Painted Iron Padlock It is recommended to check once a year or a year, and check whether the fastening screws are loose to ensure fastening.

2. Lock in the course of the use of regular (six months or a year) or when the key is not smooth plug, you can put in the lock cylinder slotted small graphite powder or pencil powder to ensure that the key plug smooth. But should not join any other oil for lubrication, in order to avoid grease stick spring spring, Painted Iron Padlock resulting in the lock can not turn and can not open.

3. Check the lock body and the lock plate with the gap, the gap between the latch and the lock plate hole is appropriate, the door and the door frame with the best gap of 1.5mm-2.5mm. Painted Iron Padlock If there is a change, you should adjust the position of the door hinge or lock plate. At the same time pay attention to the weather (spring wet, dry winter) caused by the cold shrinkage to ensure that the door and the door frame, lock body and lock plate with the gap.

4. Installation should be strictly in accordance with the product manual, to understand the installation center distance, scope and lock the opening method. Painted Iron Padlock Particular attention should be paid to the installation of the wooden door in the humidity to prevent the corrosion of harmful substances.

5. Usually keep the lock body clean, Painted Iron Padlock to prevent foreign matter into the lock cylinder sub-tank, resulting in open when rolling, and even lock can not be opened. When the key is open, please go to the lock heart plus the amount of kerosene, gasoline, or rust-proof lubricant, Painted Iron Padlock and then insert the key repeatedly interspersed with rotation can be. When the key used improperly broken, please contact the service after the sale, try not to take their own key in the lock cylinder.