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Plated Iron Padlock The use of
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Padlock, lock the world's oldest, the largest family, Plated Iron Padlock it can be said that other locks are from the padlock in this category of reproduction, derived from the. Even padlock has been regarded as the ancient lock species, but the padlock type or a lot of! There are many users in the online padlock how to open, the answer is varied, today Xiaobian to introduce the padlock specifications for what? What are the types of padlocks? Padlock how to open?

Padlock type and specifications are more, Plated Iron Padlock generally according to the width of the lock body to determine the size of the lock, according to the level of the lock beam to determine the use of locks, according to padlock straight, cross open, top open, double open and other open way to determine the lock series.

We commonly used padlocks are generally used to open, open two open way.

At present, Shanghai production of stainless steel casing lock, Plated Iron Padlock but also the use of cross-open form, there is a less open way to use,

That is, when the key inserted into the keyhole after the key, Plated Iron Padlock do not need to spin up to pull the lock, called "top unlock", this type of padlock is particularly suitable for the arms or embrace the object should not be put down to use. The so-called "double open padlock" refers to the need to open the two keys to work, to open the lock, the confidentiality of strong, Plated Iron Padlock apply to the need for two custody, both at the same time to open the lock occasions, such as warehouses,

Padlock in addition to open the way (straight, open, Plated Iron Padlock top open, double open) classification, we can also according to the internal structure of the padlock classification, the following are common:

1, marbles structure type padlock

Such a lock using cylindrical ball in the lock cylinder set up obstacles, so that the cylinder can not turn to achieve the role of locking. The ball structure is also one of the commonly used structures of locks. A lock of the lock body is folded with metal pieces, giving a strong and solid feeling, known as the "Melaleuca lock", but its internal structure is also a marbles structure, it is also a marbles structure type padlock.

2, the blade structure padlock

Such a lock using the shape of the sheet metal from the role of obstacles, Plated Iron Padlock play the purpose of locking, zinc alloy or its word alloy locks often used in such structures.

3, magnetic structure padlock

According to the principle of magnetic repulsion, Plated Iron Padlock the magnetic cylinder system is adopted. A constant magnetic metal separator with the same magnetic plate is installed between the lock cylinder and the insurance pin. The key is not in direct contact with the insurance pin. When the slotless magnetic key Smoothly inserted into the lock cylinder rotation, the key touched the metal partition, resulting in a strong repulsive force, the lock easily open. In addition, the use of the principle of magnetic adsorption, the metal plate to tighten, Plated Iron Padlock rely on the spring to open the lock.

4, chain structure padlock

By the main lock and deputy lock, the main sub-lock has a mutual effect. Plated Iron Padlock Connecting the two deputy lock that lock the main lock, only open and remove the two sub-lock, the main lock to open.

5, the number structure padlock

In the lock body of the lock device, a skateboard mechanism is provided with a slot mechanism which is movable and rotatable and connected to a number plate and a rotor. The rotator is provided with a tooth or cam-shaped metal blade which is rotatable and movable so long as the dialing number , Plated Iron Padlock The lock can be opened on their own, this type of lock without a key.