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Plated Iron Padlock Various types of lock tools
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Single hook unlock technology is very important, because the single hook unlock the technology padlocks both in the open car shrapnel lock and civilian marbles lock are used when it is. Plated Iron Padlock Many civilian marbles and car shrapnel lock need to be prepared because the key is lost, or need to reassemble its shrapnel or marbles to change a key, you need to first open the lock, a key and do not turn the lock The easiest way to unlock is to use a single hook technique to achieve this purpose.

In the country there are a lot of locks wholesale and unlock the company, there are a variety of ready-made single hook, also known as universal key for sale. Style each different, Plated Iron Padlock its cutting-edge style of different prisms, spherical, square, Plated Iron Padlock curved.

In fact, a single hook can be their own, and some do not have to buy, self-made tool is the basic skills of early unlock learning, there are a lot of unlock people used a single hook is a bicycle with a steel wire or umbrella steel wire, Plated Iron Padlock Tip tied into a flat hook line on it.

Filing into a variety of tools for a variety of types of locks, Plated Iron Padlock tools to buy and do their own use is not the same feeling, learn from the homemade tools can get a lot of inspiration and experience

Although most of today's high-end locks, because the structure and precision of the lock greatly improved, homemade tools can not meet the requirements of unlocking, Plated Iron Padlock but the single hook technology is still the basis of unlock technology.

Because of the structural characteristics of the padlock, the resolution of the padlock is easy to use sensitive, widely used. It can replace the other locks, and other locks can not replace the padlock to play the effect, it is a contrast to the ideal anti-lock device, but the padlock is necessary with the closed objects convex hole pieces of each other to play the lock effect, With the table can be closed padlock and open the function, Plated Iron Padlock so in some occasions can not be used, for example, in some of the higher requirements of the decoration or request the choice of matching locks occasions, usually should not use padlock.

Padlock classification method

Padlock padlock type and standard more, usually according to the width of the lock body to determine the size of the lock, according to the level of the lock beam to determine the use of locks, Plated Iron Padlock according to the padlock straight, cross open, top open, double open and other open method to determine the series of locks.

We commonly used padlocks are usually used to open, open two open methods.

That is, when the key piercing the keyhole after the key, without rotation will be able to pull up the lock, known as the "top unlock", Plated Iron Padlock such padlocks are particularly suitable for the arms of the baby or holding the object should not be put down the use of open. The so-called "double open padlock" refers to the open when the need for two key operations, Plated Iron Padlock open the lock, its confidentiality, apply to the need for two custody, both at the same time to participate in open lock occasions, such as the Treasury,