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Rectangular Padlock More common
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Padlock is the lock in the world's oldest, the largest family, Rectangular Padlock it can be said that other locks are from the padlock in the category of reproduction, derived from the. Padlock lock body can be attached to the ring or "a" shape of the metal stems, that is, "lock beam", Rectangular Padlock so that the padlock through the lock beam directly with the lock buckle into a closed lock.

Look at the environment and place

Consider the use of the street gate, hall door, room, bathroom or channel in order to select the desired function of the product. Should also consider the use of the environment of the pros and cons, Rectangular Padlock such as dry and humid, the structure of the door, thickness, left open the door or the right to open the door, open the door or outside the door to prevent the wrong product.

Look at home improvement and family

According to their own preferences, the product should be purchased with their own bedroom decoration style and home style should be consistent. It should also take into account the specific circumstances of each family member, such as whether there are elderly, children or people with disabilities, Rectangular Padlock choose to facilitate his (her) use of the product.

Economic affordability

Affordable to buy high-end products, the economy is not ideal to choose a lower grade products, in any case have to consider the strength of the production enterprises is strong, Rectangular Padlock whether the quality is stable, it is recommended to choose a very well-known enterprises, For example, their sale is still worthy of trust.

Some locks are "upside down" (especially in Europe), which means that the ball is under the lock core. All the unlocking process is the same, the only difference is that you have to change from top to bottom down the ball. It is very easy to determine whether the lock is upright or upside down, and if you are unlocking the key (with the side of the serrated) unlocking, the lock is inverted. Rectangular Padlock Even if you do not know, as long as you probe into the keyhole to explore quickly will be able to distinguish out.

If it is the kind of fool lock, such as the coin box or the table on the drawer lock, you do not even need to unlock. Directly to the root of the flat metal bar inserted in the end, Rectangular Padlock and then turn clockwise, but also from top to bottom shaking, good luck, then only a few seconds you can open.

If you are too lazy to dregs, you can directly buy the kind of universal unlock on the Internet, with the master key like, inserted into the twist on the line.

Different locks contain a small number of balls, Rectangular Padlock the general padlock has 3-4, the door has 5-8.

Unlock lovers are generally reluctant to use those pins, security pins or paper clips to unlock, they feel very awkward to use up. This is the truth, Rectangular Padlock compared to those professional unlockers, these tools require great patience and a lot of experience.

In the use of the unlock before the smooth, which will make you more with less.