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Security-the Function of Safety padlock
- Dec 11, 2017 -


The importance of the security--- the Function of Safety padlock

The importance of using the safety padlock is to correctly lock, frozen, close or insulate the power of the equipment, which let workers control the power releasing so that the risk can be controlled as well. Amount all injuries happen in the industrial engineering, there are about 10% of them is related to the lock. Probably about 250000 injuries are related to locking: about 200 deaths, 60000 injured and 24 days stop production because of accidents.


I. The definition of safety lock: The tools for LOTO.

So, what does LOTO means?

LOTO=Lock out/ Tag out.

a. The lockout means that to use to lock the system to stop the equipment by insulates the power from other people reopening the system while fixing.  The lock can be moved after finishing fixing.

b. Tagout: means a tag as an attention others that the power is insulated or the equipment can not be used to show to others.


II. Where do you need to lock?

*Power switch: electrical switching, on-off button

*Air supplier switch: engine and pressure vessel

*Pipeline gate


*Need attention place: chemistry products, storage pot, and gas station

* Other places that need authority management: 4S car fixing workshop, gas-tank warehouse, warehouse management, hang or moving system and so on.


III. Target of safety lock

Prevent wrong operate

Prevent accident

Prevent risk happen



VI: How to choose the safety lock?

1. Check the surface disposal.

Mostly, locks have been plated or painted before leaving the factory. The processes are all good for locks. All these processes give the padlock a great protective film, which has oxidation resistance function. Users can see whether the padlock is good according to this.

2. Check the weight

The lock, which cheats on materials, will be lighter than normal. And you can feel the padlock not good while using.

3. Check the standards of security

There is a strict standard for the hardware. 

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