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Side Open Iron Padlock Function
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Safety locks are used in the workshop and office when the lock is used, is a lock. Is to ensure that the equipment energy is absolutely closed, the equipment remains in a safe state. Locking prevents the device from inadvertently causing damage or death. There is also a purpose is to play a warning role, Side Open Iron Padlock such as mall in the fire equipment lock, different from the lock from the general anti-theft effect.

Lockout / Tagout LOTO, the concept originated in the United States. Side Open Iron Padlock When the equipment or tool is under repair, maintenance or cleaning, the power source associated with the device is cut off. So that the device or tool can not start. At the same time all the energy (power, hydraulic source, origin, etc.) is closed. Each household has a meter, but that time the meter is placed in their own homes, are generally hanging on the wall, Side Open Iron Padlock no one to think about what the idea, of course, Side Open Iron Padlock that time there is no power meter box lock this product. Later, as we understand the meter, Side Open Iron Padlock there are some non-authentic people learned to open the meter box on the power meter box lock, in order to achieve the effect is to reduce the amount of use, stealing electricity more people, caused by Loss of big, we will want a variety of ways to prevent such immoral and even illegal events.

Like the beginning of the meter should be no seal, and later for the electrician and the user trust each other, had to add a seal to the meter, so long as passive,Side Open Iron Padlock we can find the perpetrators. Later, in order to facilitate the management of a lot of electricity is no longer put in one, but a lot of home together, a lot of the meter on a box, the box is called the meter box, the box is definitely a need to lock, Side Open Iron Padlock Power meter box lock, we referred to as table box lock

Security padlocks With the management of the function, a padlock can be equipped with a number of keys, these keys due to different functions and permissions, so divided into a variety of, Side Open Iron Padlock usually these keys constitute a security padlock key management system:

Do not open the key series: each security padlock has a unique key, Side Open Iron Padlock between the lock and the lock can not be open;

Open the key series: the development of the group between the security padlock and the security padlock can be opened from each other, Side Open Iron Padlock any one or a few keys can open all the padlocks within the group. Can be specified multiple groups, groups and groups can not be opened between each other;

Different universal key series: the designated group of each security padlock dominates the only key, safety padlock and security padlock can not be separated from each other, Side Open Iron Padlock but there is a universal key can open all the security padlock within the group; Side Open Iron Padlock can be customized multiple groups The master key can not be interconnected, but can be assigned to a higher level Explorer key to open all groups within the padlock;

With the universal key series: group within the same group after opening the key series, if you need to specify a high level executive to open all groups, Side Open Iron Padlock can add the same with the universal key.