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Skills about shopping vane key padlock
- Mar 03, 2018 -


Skills in shopping vane key padlock


People measure the cylinder of the padlock by the number of biting of the key, which is according to the structure of the cylinder. Vane key padlock has a better structure of the traditional pin system padlock. When you shopping the key, you’d better find a profession people to give you suggestion.


Normally, shopping padlock is according to the weight and the cylinder.  The heavier the cylinder is, the better the cylinder will be. More pins in the cylinder, the function of anti-theft is better.


Then, is to choose by the color of the cylinder, compare the color and luster. The surface will be plated smooth and shiny in a good quality cylinder. The dark yellow cylinder is made of brass, which is more strong and better for anti-theft. The zinc cylinder is dark and somber, and with bubbles on the surface. The function is worse than the brass cylinder.


The last one is when you turn and put the key half inside, and then turn the key wisely inside the vane key padlock, if it will get stuck, then it is not good. If it smoothly put inside the cylinder in half turn, then the padlock is good.