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Tactics for padlock companies
- Mar 04, 2018 -


Tactics for padlock companies


A large number of Chinese hardware companies include the padlock companies, because of the limited ability, lack of the human resource and management level, are all meeting a downgrade in marketing. We can say that in some aspects, the marketing is becoming a bottleneck for the development of the company. Here is about some marketing experience for the middle to small companies to improve the marketing ability. They 5 parts: 1st, make the right and good products; 2nd, build a good team; 3rd, make a good strategy plan 4th, manage the market well; 5th, build a sense of integrating market. Here, we will talk about the first part in details.


1. Produce the right product to the right market

For the brass padlock, we should know which kind of padlock for the target market but not produce first and then sell. Marketing is a way of finding a right market for a right product. Meet the market demand is what we should do. So, how? The only answer is to do the market research.


1.1 Investigate the demand of the market. This is about to know what do the customers think about the product, check the customers buying action, what are the customers expect about the product and design the product according to the customers’ requirements. For padlock companies, check which countries you will sell your products to. You can choose your target companies according to the products you have the most competitiveness. Then, check which material of the padlock your target market want. The last, the details for the padlock, such as the package, the colors, and the surface dispose of, you can produce according to the exact customer.

1.2 Investigate the bestseller brand for the same kind product in the market. The study from others about how they get succeed and learn from your competitor.

1.3 Investigate the brand, which sells badly in the market to know why and avoid these problems to avoid the fail in selling. For padlock, this tactic is very useful. There are many similar brands exist in the market and the padlock style is common and no-change for decades.

1.4 Investigate the market distribution and market demand. Whether the products have a good future is a judgment of whether to start a produce at the very beginning.

1.5 Investigate the cycle of the product. This is to know which period the product is in. Will it lost its demands in the market or not. For different periods, we should have different tactics.


For a marking manager, it is very important to choose a right product for each target market. Only you have an appropriate product, the following work can begin.

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