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Which padlock is most fit for Chinese ancient door?
- Dec 12, 2017 -


Which padlock is most fit for Chinese ancient door pin?


A set of delicate brass traditional Chinese door pin can be used in ancient copper door or wooden door. It not only provides the function of preventing theft but also has a function of decoration. But customers who buy the door pin need a padlock to match it.


There are two kinds of padlocks, which matches the copper traditional Chinese door pin; one is old fashion Chinese padlock, another is the bronze color modern padlock.


Chinese ancient padlock is made by copper with design and words on the surface of the padlock that endowed with a good implication.  There are many different sizes and shapes that contain ancient people’s wisdom and wishes. All these matches’ customers need for ancient styles. But, on the opposite, this padlock is defective in anti-theft function. The shackle is thinner and not all people can use the key for this style padlock.

Instead, modern padlock that in style of the ancient has decorative design on the surface of the padlock, bronze color plated, looks similar to the ancient style. The padlock itself has the anti-theft function as well and matches greatly to the old fashion door pin. This type padlock matches greatly on iron gate or other metal gates. This type padlock seems the same by the surface. The material of it can be iron, copper or zinc alloy, the price differs as well. All these should depend on customers’ need.


Overall, there are many different types of padlocks that can match with ancient Chinese door for customers to choose in the market. You can choose according to your requirements.