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ARC Iron Padlock Of The Series
- Aug 21, 2017 -

There are many types of padlocks, there are domestic and foreign. ARC iron padlock This problem to teach complex, I know there is a website on the lock,ARC iron padlock the key above a lot of mastery of the locksmith, you can go to consult, the last time I was in that I got the answer.

To good quality, the same material, the same lock cylinder case, ARC iron padlock or the greater the size of the more anti-anti-theft.

Small bronze padlock words:

1. Material, relative to the larger range,

Foshan, Foshan, the material with the material than the Wenzhou real.

2. Cylinder, cylinder interlocking rate is also very important. ARC iron padlock The less the difference is naturally the better.

3. Copper lock and imitation copper is naturally different, ARC iron padlock copper lock is from the inside out, is entirely copper material.

Imitation copper is inside it may be iron, ARC iron padlock aluminum, zinc alloy die-casting, the surface and then plated a layer of copper, the surface looks like the same copper lock is the same.

Just use it, imitation copper lock is very easy to rust, ARC iron padlock with a period of time, no way to open, if you want to sell padlock, then the proposed or take good quality. Padlock at the bottom, generally there will be a very fine hole, mainly locked when the locking lever lock when there will be a gas compression process, the hole is used to exhaust

And some keys, in the key handle, ARC iron padlock there will be an opening, ARC iron padlock this hole can also explain the direction of the key inserted, that is, the opening of the key on the bottom of the hole in the direction of the very convenient.

Padlock, lock the world's oldest, ARC iron padlock the largest family, ARC iron padlock it can be said that other locks are from the padlock in this category of reproduction, derived from the.

Padlock type and specifications are more, ARC iron padlock generally according to the width of the lock body to determine the size of the lock, according to the level of the lock beam to determine the use of locks, according to padlock straight, cross open, top open, ARC iron padlock double open and other open way to determine the lock series.

We commonly used padlocks are generally used to open, open two open way.

At present, Shanghai production of stainless steel casing lock,ARC iron padlock but also the use of cross-open form, there is a less open way to use,

That is, when the key inserted into the keyhole after the key, ARC iron padlock do not need to spin up to pull the lock, called "top unlock", this type of padlock is particularly suitable for the arms or embrace the object should not be put down to use. The so-called "double open padlock" refers to the need to open the two keys to work, ARC iron padlock to open the lock, the confidentiality of strong, ARC iron padlock apply to the need for two custody, both at the same time to open the lock occasions, such as warehouses,