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Brass Padlock How To Buy
- Aug 21, 2017 -

When our keys are thrown away or forgotten with a key, then we do not have to padlock to the wall, smashing the lock may be the master of the lock. Brass Padlock Xiaobian in the following describes a way to open the padlock without the key, assuming that we do not believe it, you can try it yourself, Brass Padlock but tell us not to do so often do not have a key to open the padlock, so the padlock will be easy to use bad The Then there is no key how to open padlock, padlock should be how to buy it?

1, the clip is usually used paper clip with the folder, Brass Padlock this folder on the wire is thin, and the hardness is also better, not easy to bend. Each bookstore may have to sell shop, and the price is not expensive, a few cents a. According to the size of the lock to choose the appropriate thickness and length of the folder wire.

2, the folder on the wire removed, Brass Padlock the first wire with a pliers twisted straight, the wire will be twisted into a 135 degree angle, the length of the corner angle of about five millimeters, according to the size of the lock can be properly adjusted.

3, the other end of the wire twisted into a 90 degree angle, leaving the length of unlimited, easy to unlock the time, hand to pull the wire.

4, after the wire is done, along the direction of the figure into the lock core, close to the narrow side of the deep piercing, until you feel inserted after the suspension. Brass Padlock Inserted after the end of the distinction between the standard: after the end of the plug, can quietly twist the wire, together can feel the lock inside the spring rolling sound.

5, after the wire into the reverse unlock the direction of the wire to twist the wire. Assuming that the spring is just on the lock, Brass Padlock the padlock will follow the spring to shorten the lock and the lock will be opened.

Padlock should be how to buy:

1. the occasion of the use and the degree of its primary

That is considered in the street gate, Brass Padlock hall door, room, bathroom or channel used in order to select the appropriate function of the required goods.

2. the use of the environment, conditions and their requests

Should consider the use of environmental conditions, Brass Padlock such as dry and humid, the structure of the door, the thickness of the left open the door is still the right to open the door, the door is still open the door to prevent the wrong goods.

3. Consider reconciliation with the decoration environment

According to their own like, Brass Padlock when the purchase of goods should be considered with its room to reconcile and matching should be together.

4. Consider the status of family members

Consider whether the home is not old, children or people with disabilities, choose to lunch when he (her) use of goods.