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Camel Type Iron Padlock Very Wide
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Safety lock is a safe lock, safety locks are usually divided into safety padlocks, Camel Type Iron Padlock electrical switch locks, electrical plug locks, circuit breakers, valve locks and cable locks, etc., Camel Type Iron Padlock usually safe padlock and other security locks are used together, Safety padlock can be used alone, and other security locks can not, so the application of the safety padlock is very wide, Camel Type Iron Padlock the market demand is also very large.

Security padlocks With the management of the function, a padlock can be equipped with a number of keys, these keys due to different functions and permissions, Camel Type Iron Padlock so divided into a variety of, usually these keys constitute a security padlock key management system:

Do not open the key series: each security padlock has a unique key, Camel Type Iron Padlock between the lock and the lock can not be open;

Open the key series: the development of the group between the security padlock and the security padlock can be opened from each other, any one or a few keys can open all the padlocks within the group. Can be specified multiple groups, groups and groups can not be opened between each other;

Different universal key series: the designated group of each security padlock dominates the only key, safety padlock and security padlock can not be separated from each other, Camel Type Iron Padlock but there is a universal key can open all the security padlock within the group; can be customized multiple groups The master key can not be interconnected, but can be assigned to a higher level Explorer key to open all groups within the padlock;

With the universal key series: group within the same group after opening the key series, if you need to specify a high level executive to open all groups, Camel Type Iron Padlock can add the same with the universal key.

1, the key into the lock head in the 3Nm torque, the key should be no significant deformation and damage.

2, insert-type anti-theft lock and mechanical lock the main lock (bolt) to withstand 9800N axial static pressure, exterior lock the main lock (bolt) to withstand 3000N axial static pressure, Camel Type Iron Padlock the main latch (tongue) The amount of retraction should not be greater than 8mm.

3, insert-type, exterior lock and mechanical lock lock the main latch (bolt) to withstand 6000N lateral static pressure, the lock should be normal use.

4, hook-shaped tongue to open the direction of 9000N static pressure to bear, Camel Type Iron Padlock the tongue of the shrinkage of the amount should not be greater than the original extension of 1/10.

5, claw-shaped tongue in the locked state to withstand 12000N static tension, the claw tongue deformation should not lose the locking function.

6, lock box should be able to withstand 9000N static pressure without significant plastic deformation.

7, the lock on the fixed connection screw hole to withstand 2940N static pressure, the slide should be no slip phenomenon.

8, live lock and lock the connection should be solid and reliable, Camel Type Iron Padlock in the 2940N static force under the action, Camel Type Iron Padlock the lock should not be separated from the lock body.

9, mechanical anti-theft lock handle, handle, mechanical lock lock dial, rotating mandrel under the action of 2200N under the action of 200Nm torque, handle, handle, dial, rotating mandrel, Camel Type Iron Padlock the drive should be no damage , Deformation, displacement phenomenon.

10, the mechanical lock of the protective shell in the 35000N static pressure should not produce plastic deformation and cracks.