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Detailed Annotation In Padlock Classification
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Except classify the padlock according to the ways of opening: straight open padlock, side open padlock, upside open padlock, double open padlock, we can also classify the padlock by the structure of the padlock. Here are some common structures of the padlocks: Pins system category padlock. This structure uses the column pins to set up a barrier to avoid the cylinder to rotate so that the shut down the padlock system. The pins system padlock is one of the most common types used in the padlock. There is another type padlock, this system stack up many pieces of metals, which looks more solid and thick, is called “multi-layer” lock. This type lock is also one of the pin system padlocks for it uses the pin system inside the padlock. Also, padlocks can classify by different materials of the padlock. For instance, the most common is the iron padlock, brass padlock, and zinc alloy padlock.


The vanes system padlock use many different shape metal pieces to set obstacle to close the padlock system. This kind of system usually uses in the zinc alloy or other alloy padlocks.


Magnetic construction padlock uses the theory of magnetic repelling each other, which pay the role of closing the padlock system. Put a piece of permanent magnet metal between the padlock slot and safety pin. This piece of metal will be the same magnetic with the key and the key will not touch directly to the safety pins. When the magnetic key put into the cylinder and turn smoothly, the key will tough the metal and will have a strong repulsive force to open the lock. Except this, also the magnetic attraction will be used to attract the permanent magnetic metal and open the padlock by spring easily. Then, the serial structure has one main lock and a deputy lock, which will protect each other. Connect two deputy locks will lock the main lock. Only after open and take off two deputy locks, the main lock will open.


The code system padlock has a slide board system outside the padlock body, the hole and the slot can move and turn. These type locks don’t have keys. As long as you turn into right codes, the lock will open directly.


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