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Focus On 122nd Canton Fair By Tri-Rhomb Padlock Group
- Oct 16, 2017 -

It is less than a week before the 122nd Canton fair, the insider considered from the current international and domestic economic situation, also the transaction data of previous Canton Fair, said this exhibition double data is more difficult to expect.

Canton fair has gone through 60 years of ups and downs, it is known as “China first fair" and "Chinese economic barometer “, was the best window and channel of China foreign trade. Once it was warmly attended by foreign buyers and Chinese enterprises, influenced the trend of China foreign trade and economic.

According to the date of Canton fair, over the past d10 years, the two important measures of the Canton fair -- the number of global buyers and the turnover was volatile. The turnover peaked to 74 .76 billion dollars at 2011, then decreased year by year, even dropped to 55.97 billion dollars at 2016 ,that was less than 2006 which was 66.28 billion dollars .

In addition, the number of global buyers of the spring and autumn Canton Fair in 2016 has dropped to 185600 and 185700, less than 2006 by 14000. Impacted by the financial crisis, the emergence of foreign trade e-commerce, and the rise of manufacturing in Southeast Asian, professional exhibition shunt, Canton Fair has gone downhill for the recent ten years.

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