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Grey Iron Padlock The Anti-theft Performance
- Aug 21, 2017 -

The lock core to break the "one key to open a lock," Grey Iron Padlock Grey Iron Padlock the traditional concept of the use of special dual-core laminated structure, in the existing traditional cylinder on the basis of the addition of a layer of safety core, the use of two different teeth , Grey Iron Padlock Has been inserted in the lock key of the same keyhole, can only open the lock. It is different from the current padlock on the market by the two cylinder simply add the two-key lock, its appearance is only a keyhole, so the installation is very convenient for a variety of ordinary doors, security doors, vault doors, insurance Cabinets, car door locks, Grey Iron Padlock can also be used for motorcycle padlocks, chain padlocks and other marbles padlocks, for a variety of spices (such as "one" word one-way, "one" word two-way, "ten" Applicable.

The lock cylinder of the open rate is close to zero, good sets of protective performance, even if those who have the so-called "urgent unlock" technical unlock method of unlocking the king, can only hope to sigh; the lock core tamper performance is commendable, now Burglary is a lot of the use of the kind of steel "ten" or "a" word blank blank keyhole, strong to reverse the lock cylinder, Grey Iron Padlock so that the lock cylinder to achieve the purpose of unlocking, this method of the double key cylinder is also the same Is difficult to play its power, because the external force to reverse the top of the lock core is only the safety of the core, even if the security core is all removed, Grey Iron Padlock the main cylinder is still safe and secure (here related to some technical secrets), Grey Iron Padlock the largest theft The loss is nothing more than the replacement of a lock only. Because the lock core of the novel ideas and excellent anti-theft performance, will drive the lock industry a comprehensive innovation.

Lock is a kind of daily consumer goods are closely related to people's lives, can be said to "love can be homeshelf", but often see the lock by some people quietly open, or even into a little chewing gum can easily open, or steel Fiber strength twisted, people's feelings of disappointment is always palpable. Grey Iron Padlock Fortunately, this situation has become the past, let us join hands to jointly develop this high-tech products, to promote the arrival of a new era of locks.