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Iron Padlock Internal Structure
- Aug 21, 2017 -

1, the real three-ring padlock security label is affixed to the sealing tape above, easy for users to scratch the security password for true and false inquiries. iron padlock And false three-ring padlock packaging anti-counterfeit labels are sealed tape covered.

2, the real three-ring padlock each lock a small wrapping paper (moisture-proof paper) is relatively thin, but the texture is better, the paper is very large. While the small three-ring small paper and thick and small, jiron padlock ust under the package under the relative type of padlock.

3, lock beam letters, the real three-ring padlock on the lock beam letters are hand or laser one by one engraved on the letter. And false three-ring lock beam on the letters are directly with the punch, a mold down, some although the laser engraved, but the letter mark is very shallow, very vague.

Padlocks are small and flexible, high in the family, such as home drawers and stationery boxes and the like items can be locked with a padlock, but the key to the padlock how to do it,iron padlock if we lose the key How about it?

Padlock how to open, unlock the lock before the practice of unlocking technology: the first thing to do is to remove the lock, and then understand the internal structure of various locks, with the principle of dislocation to further deepen the impression for the lock open.

Locking lock method: a metal sheet plus a thin metal wire, metal pieces like the kind of pen on the pen, one end 90 ° folding, tripping keyhole for the rotation force, wire in the keyhole ball Near the sweep back and forth, good luck to open.

Take a tough tough metal wire (key ring on the good), a small part of the bend into about 135 ° angle, reached the deepest keyhole turn (need to practice, a little bit difficult).

The general padlock has a lock heart, lock the heart in addition to plug the hole outside the hole, there are a few round hole, which several holes and lock on the circle of a few corresponding, iron padlock which can put a spring and 2 Highly different copper marbles.

After the key is inserted, the two marbles are given different heights because of the different height of the teeth. If the boundaries of the two marbles in all the holes are equal to the circumference of the center of the lock, The lock body turned, so the lock was opened. This is the general padlock works. If the key paddle out, you can buy a universal key, universal key can open a variety of padlocks.

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