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Padlock Can’t Open Easily, What To Do?
- Oct 25, 2017 -

What you can do if the padlock have been used for a long time or especially have been caught in the rain?

● Tool/Material

1. Black lead Pencils

2. Knife

● Methods/Steps

1. Use the knife to scratch the lead of the pencil and get the black powder. The effect of color pencil will be weaker.

2. Put the powder of the pencil into the hole of the cylinder, use the key to try several times, then the condition will be good. Why: The pencils contain the graphite, which is a high level lubricant. So the pencil powder can lubricate the lock.


Lubricating oil can’t be used in fixing the padlock because oil will be easy adhering the dust. As time goes by, the padlock will worse to use.

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