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Plated Iron Padlock Models And Features
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Plated Iron Padlock classification

Padlock in addition to open method (straight open, cross open, top open, Plated Iron Padlock double open) classification, we can also be based on the inherent structure of the padlock classification, more common with the above several:

Marbles construction class padlock

Such locks use cylindrical ball in the lock cylinder set in the hindrance, so that the cylinder can not roll, to achieve the effect of locking. Plated Iron Padlock The ball structure is also one of the commonly used structures of locks. A lock of the lock body is folded with metal pieces to give a solid consolidation of the feelings, Plated Iron Padlock known as the "Melaleuca lock", but its internal structure is also a marbles structure, it is also a marbles structure class padlock.

Blade structure padlock

Such a lock using the shape of the sheet metal from the hindrance effect, Plated Iron Padlock play the purpose of locking, zinc alloy or its word alloy lock often used in such a structure.

Magnetic construction padlock

According to the principle of magnetic repulsion, the magnetic lock cylinder system is selected. A constant magnetic metal separator with the same magnetic plate is installed between the lock cylinder groove and the stable pin. The key is not in direct contact with the stable pin.Plated Iron Padlock When the slotless magnetic key Smoothly stabbed into the lock slot rotation, the key touched the metal partition, resulting in a strong repulsive force, Plated Iron Padlock the lock easily open. In addition, also use the principle of magnetic adsorption, the metal plate to tighten, by the tension spring open lock.

Chain structure padlock

By the main lock and deputy lock, the main sub-lock with mutual effect. Plated Iron Padlock Linking two pairs of locks that lock the main lock, just open and remove the two sub-lock, the main lock to open open.

Number construction padlock

A slider mechanism is provided in a lock housing of a lock, Plated Iron Padlock which is connected to the groove and which is movable and scrolled, the number plate and the roller are connected, and the roll is fitted with a tooth or cam-shaped metal blade which can be rolled and moved, Number, the lock can be opened on its own, this type of lock without a key.

Since ancient times there is this lock, Plated Iron Padlock and padlock is one of the ancient large family of locks, it can be said that other locks are from the padlock in this category derived from the reproduction. However, in the face of padlock this old and closed lock. What are the models and features of padlocks?

The meaning of the padlock is to provide more than one tag itself can provide security. Plated Iron Padlock Properly used under well-planned locking procedures, a secure padlock can help ensure that workers are not inadvertently opening a device that other people are using.

The first principle of choosing a padlock for a lock-in listing is to ensure that the lock has a different appearance than the locks used in other factories for toolboxes, gates, and so on. Plated Iron Padlock This is usually achieved by using bright colors. The popular lock-in padlock has a "dangerous" label, along with the name of the worker, the photo, or both.

A highly secure padlock design prevents the thief from removing the lock by digging, digging, cutting, or smashing. Although with a considerable safety factor, Plated Iron Padlock the safety padlock is not specifically designed to withstand physical hitting. Although the padlock is firm, Plated Iron Padlock the durability is important - but the important consideration in the safety lock system should be that the key system used can provide a lot of key options and no key confusion occurs. The key to the confusion is that the keys of other people can happen to open your lock. Plated Iron Padlock Master Lock uses a highly accurate key lock in Zenex ™ and aluminum safety padlocks.