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Side Open Iron Padlock Unlock Method
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Unlock the unlock before the practice:  Side Open Iron Padlock the first thing to do is to remove the lock, and then understand the internal structure of various locks, with the principle of dislocation to further deepen the impression for the lock open.

Padlock how to open --- method one

Locking lock method: a metal sheet plus a thin metal wire, metal pieces like the kind of pen on the pen, one end 90 ° folding, tripping keyhole for the rotation force,  Side Open Iron Padlock wire in the keyhole ball Near the sweep back and forth, good luck to open.

Padlock how to open --- method two

Take a tough tough metal wire (key ring on the good), a small part of the bend into about 135 ° angle, reached the deepest keyhole turn (need to practice,  Side Open Iron Padlock a little bit difficult).

How to open padlock --- method three

The general padlock has a lock heart, Side Open Iron Padlock lock the heart in addition to plug the hole outside the hole, there are a few round hole, which several holes and lock on the circle of a few corresponding, which can put a spring and 2 Highly different copper marbles.

After the key is inserted, the two marbles are given different heights because of the different height of the teeth. If the boundaries of the two marbles in all the holes are equal to the circumference of the center of the lock, The lock body turned, so the lock was opened. This is the general padlock works. Side Open Iron Padlock If the key paddle out, you can buy a universal key, universal key can open a variety of padlocks.

Three-ring padlock unlock method:

Three ring lock on the marbles, a kind of called the shape of the marbles, this shape of the marbles is not easy to toggle, but not to say that absolutely not open, the home of the locksmith, Side Open Iron Padlock it is still difficult The The lock is the work of the word beads, Side Open Iron Padlock usually at least one still need standard <on the ball, that is, said that there will be more than four hits. The use of the standard on the purpose of marbles, in the lock hole and the hole on the hole can be aligned, so that the key inserted and extracted when more smooth.

Ichong-shaped marbles when the rotation due to the rotation of the lock, the workers will be against the bullet eyeball eye shoulder, and can not lift up, Side Open Iron Padlock that is, back on the ball in the eyes. To solve this problem, to promote the rotation of the rod so that the need to be very cautious, with a very light rotation pressure applied to the marbles, marbles situation is to use a single hook is not tempted, Side Open Iron Padlock you can feel the standard marbles and I-shaped marbles in the retreat On the difference. It is necessary to understand the appropriate playback, (three ring lock in the playback because the lock itself has a stretch, so the intensity of playback is not good to master), a kind of call called "push ten back three ", Side Open Iron Padlock {Make a ratio, to open the direction to promote the 10 degrees, in the playback 3 to 4 degrees}. Side Open Iron Padlock To relax and even reverse the heart of the rotation force in order to make the bulk off the ball on the edge of the eye block and retracted. However, the lock heart has always been anti, but also may have made a good ball on the ball and then down and locked again.