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Square Iron Padlock And Its Importance
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Padlock is the lock in the world's oldest, the largest family, Square Iron Padlock it can be said that other locks are from the padlock in the category of reproduction, derived from the. Padlock lock body can be attached to the ring or "a" shape of the metal stems, that is, "Square Iron Padlock lock beam", so that the padlock through the lock beam directly with the lock buckle into a closed lock. Outside the door lock is installed in the door, do not open the door in the lock. This type of lock lock body is generally made of stainless steel, Square Iron Padlock lock cylinder and the tongue for the zinc alloy. Outer door lock is a middle and low door locks, simple structure, easy installation. Mortise lock, generally by the handle, lock core, lock body composed of three parts, Square Iron Padlock installed in the interior suite door, security doors on the majority, is also one of the most common locks on the market. Spherical door locks: internal and external handle (lock handle) for the spherical, Square Iron Padlock used in the installation of wooden doors, steel doors, Square Iron Padlock aluminum doors and plastic doors on the use of the door locks.

Consumers should take the following considerations before purchasing a lock.

1. The place of use and its importance.

Consider the use of the door in the street, hall door, room, bathroom or channel, Square Iron Padlock in order to select the desired function of the product.

2. Consider the dealer's reputation and service standards

To prevent some dealers from their own interests, recommend some counterfeit, Square Iron Padlock shoddy goods to consumers.

3. Use of the environment, conditions and requirements.

Should consider the use of the environment of the pros and cons, such as dry and humid, Square Iron Padlock the structure of the door, thickness, left open the door or the right to open the door, Square Iron Padlock open the door or outside the door to prevent the wrong product.

4. Consider the affordability of the economy

Combined with the family economic situation, the economy can buy high-end products, Square Iron Padlock the economy is less desirable alternative grades lower products, but pay attention to whether the choice of high-end or low-grade products, have to consider the strength of the manufacturer is strong, Square Iron Padlock the quality is stable, It is recommended to choose a very well-known brand of products, Square Iron Padlock to avoid the loss of money and to bring unnecessary trouble and trouble to daily life.

5. Consider coordination with the decorative environment.

According to their own preferences, Square Iron Padlock the product should be considered with the purchase of the coordination and matching should be consistent.

6. Consider the situation of family members

Consider whether the elderly at home, Square Iron Padlock children or people with disabilities, choose to facilitate his (her) use of the product.